I’m drawn to art that doesn’t try too hard – art that’s understated, calm, and always meaningful. Not surprisingly, the photographs I love feature only the most curious detail. Regardless of the subject…beautiful architecture, forgotten object, unique grin, zooming in beyond the noise leaves me tender hearted. The backstory behind a person or artifact may be a mystery, but just knowing that everyone and everything has a tale to tell is reassuring. It reminds me that I’m not alone in the ups and downs of my own story.

A curiosity for the unknown and connecting with others dates back to when I was little. My sisters, cousins and I spent countless hours exploring our grandparents’ farm in Michigan. My favorite spot was a shed full of old stuff – equipment, tools, photos, even handwritten letters. Sifting, I worked hard to imagine the history and people attached to it all.

The excitement from those early days is the same feeling I have when getting to know someone as I photograph or when roaming a city searching for details. I was (and am) a sucker for finding the beautiful and unexpected hidden in our busy world. Although the Michigan farm days are no longer, I still love to bring light to important narratives. Only now, a camera helps me sift.

When I’m not out taking photographs of a person, city, or school, I can usually be found in my favorite place – an old green house in Hartford, CT. It’s where I live with my husband, our three kids, and one dog…creating stories.